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Naughty Words on Kids’ TV Show!

BdhBA--CcAEwoSE.jpg-largeAs far as kids shows go, TV Kanagawa’s Miburi Terebi (みぶりテレビ) is pretty normal. Full of stuff that only the fruit of your loins could enjoy. The outfit of the show’s host, 50-something year old Minami Sasuga – of “Sasuga Motion” fame, has been raising some eyebrows:

Yes, it does say “I L♥︎VE PUSSY”, “I L♥︎VE COCK” and “FUCK YEAH”. As a father of a young child myself, I think these are perfectly appropriate things to be teaching a child. At least she is being honest about swinging both ways.

We found the image on @robertspeta’s Twitter. Complete with adjectives like “ignorant” and “horrible”!

Minami Sasuga’s blog

Miburi TV’s official website


  1. who cares if she swings both ways? What does that have to do with a children’s show ? Pretty taste less to make a statement as such on a children’s TV show. It seems more of pushing the envelope of seeing what one can get away with really , not some kind of self protest.

    • Maybe YOU like your kids being taught by a bunch of degenerates.