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Every year, Japanzine presents a selection of the best Japan-related sites on the web – the ones that, over the past year, have kept us entertained, informed and generally glued to our computer screens for far longer than is healthy.
It’s a quixotic task, for sure: every moment you think the internet has nothing more to offer you, it squirms out of your grasp throws up another continent of hitherto unimagined possibilities. Oh, and data. Lots of data.
So what follows is by no means a definitive round up; heck, it’s doesn’t even come close. But, when you’re lost out there in the digital ether, every little nudge in the right direction helps. And if you find in the following pages a few new sites that tickle your fancy, or are turned back on to ones you’d forgotten all about, then that probably means we’ve done our job.
As ever, apologies to all those sites that, in spite of their best efforts, didn’t make the cut this time around. We’ll get it right one day. Really.

Thanks to Ivan G. Corsa for his valuable contributions to this feature.