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Oasis of Color in Central Nagoya

Aichi is rightly famous for – and proud of – its industrial prowess. But, as fast-lipped Tokyoites and Osakans are all too keen to point out, economic progress has come at a visible aesthetic cost to many parts of the prefecture. Even underrated Nagoya, for all its liveability, is undeniably lacking in greenery. It comes as a pleasant surprise, therefore, to find that the home of Toyota is also Japan’s leading producer of orchids. Yes folks, orchids.
What’s more, there’s a dedicated venue in the center of Nagoya, offering visitors a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the nearby shopping streets and the chance to view these beautiful flowers all year round. Opened in 1998, the 1.6-hectare Orchid Gardens (Ran no Yakata / ??