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Love Hotel of the Month

Beat Wave, one of the most popular love hotels on the Dogenzaka slope
in Shibuya, is a quirky, cozy love nest designed to appeal to
twenty-somethings. The theme here is music – from folk to pop to rock –
and you could find yourself in a room decorated with anything from
images of soul singers to Kiss.

The rooms in Dogenzaka love
hotels are almost always small, and Beat Wave?s are no exception. That
said, they?re comfy and well decorated ? in a fun, kitschy kind of way.
One room dedicated to pop divas has a wall plastered with photos of
well known singers, and a huge heart over the bed. When you turn out
the lights, an image of stuffed animals floating through the Milky Way
appears on the wall. Nicely understated, that.
The most popular suite is modeled after the rooms that folk singers
Takuro Yoshida and Yosui Inoue lived in when they were struggling to
get their big breaks in the 1960s. Another is equipped with an outdoor
bath, and many have funny black light pictures in the bathrooms.

Wave also has an excellent karaoke system, available in every room, and
a wide selection of video games and satellite channels as well. The
room service menu is good, too; if you call down to the front desk and
ask for a member?s card, on your next visit you can get snacks like
beer, ice cream and soft drinks for free.
Although no visitor will probably ever witness this, the cleaning staff
at Beat Wave is beyond dedicated. These zealous cleaning heroes, having
no fear of sticky floors, hair-filled bathtubs or puddles of candle
wax, scrub, vacuum and dust barefoot! They?re all really nice guys
doing a tough job, so if you do stay, try not to leave any nasty
surprises for them.


Romance: 4/5

Kinkiness: 3/5

Reservations: No

Location: Shibuya

Homepage: www.lunapark2001.com/index.htm

Take the Hachiko exit from Shibuya station and head for the 109
department store. When you reach it, take the left fork. You?ll come to
a police box on the right side of the street, where you should turn
right. Walk about 30 meters and turn left. Beat Wave is on the right
Address: 2-9 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku
(03) 3464-2535