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PART 3: Why foreign country’s boy liking the old woman

So… as you are now knowing, Japan boy become to marry for having new mom of second part of his life. This new mom/wife will take care of the room or mansion, and growing up the child. Of course, wife purpose is for take care of child and cook rice ball of morning and curry of night. She is not for good atmosphere same as mom is not for good atmosphere. If the Japan boy want good atmosphere, he must going to Chinese massage, fashion health, pink saron, or doing the enjo kosai.

For this reason, Japan sexy girl lose human character in thinking of Japan boy. Japan boy think she is like the sneaky animal which is called fox. She is not person, but only good atmosphere fun girl. Example is chikan and seku hara (or doing the sexual harrassmentship). Of course, we Japanese girl become strongly more and more and this is unreasonable in thinking of Japan boy who want to be power.

See, Japan boy thinking of the good atmosphere is not for love or want. it is for power and place of man in society. So Japan boy need not-strong girl. In thinking of Japan boy, not-strong girl is younger and younger. Man who have little some power can have good atmosphere with hostess, but no-job man with no power need to try more-not-strong-little girl. It is shame.

For Other country’s boy, makeinu is agreeable. Makeinu is girl who become older than 30 with nothing married. Now, anybody doesn’t want her. But Foreign country’s people hearing that older woman is enter tallest time of wanting good atmosphere. this old woman is easy to become good atmosphere. Foreign country boy do not care if she is agry woman in the world and he do not care if her skin is like the thickness skin of cow. Foreign country man try to enjoy. Only because easy to become good atmosphere. Other country’s man is playboy. danger!

Of course, every some people is case by case.