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?00 Clothes!
Located on Harajuku-dori, this
cheeky little joint used to be a ?00 store. Lacking the feel of a
second-hand, budget clothing store, it doesn?t smell like your
grandfolks and it does have clothes you would actually want to wear.
Here is a place you can get Levis or Lee jeans for ?00. And not
elastic, high-waist, stonewashed peddle pushers, either?

funky music, stylish d?or and a great wooden door out the front, this
place screams more ? in crowd? than ? in the red?. Here you can live in
happy denial of your budgetary scarcity. You might find a super groovy
1970s number?perfect for that Saturday night fever?or an
up-to-the-minute casual get-up. You won?t feel like you are desperately
scraping the bottom of the barrel, even if, er, you are.
You never quite know what you?ll find here ? there are always different
items, sometimes lots of funky togs and sometimes just the basics. It?s
worth popping in whenever you?re around to check out any new additions.

And neither are the boys left out: this place is great for
casual men?s clothing, as well as suit jackets and accessories. When
the ?00 store became the ?00 store, it started to right the imbalance
of mainly female clothing so that men could be cheap, too. Well, what?s

To get there from Harajuku station, walk down
Takeshita-dori, cross the road and walk down Harajuku-dori past Red
Earth for about two minutes and look for the big red ?00 sign on
street level.

?00 store
La Cienega I, 1F
Jingu-mae 3-21-22
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
(03) 3405-6474