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Sea Fails to Part for Japanese Tourists

Have you ever tried getting driving directions seperated by large bodies of water on Google Maps? A little easter egg (we hope) will tell you to kayak.

Well, an instruction to kayak would have helped three hapless Japanese tourists in Australia who trusted their car’s GPS navigation system a little too much: they managed to drive 500 meters out into the bay that seperates mainland Australia from their destination, North Stradbroke Island.

After doing something that mindblowingly stupid, you would think the best option would be to shut your piehole, right? Wrong!

"…(the driver) joked that the car became stuck because it was built in Korea. "Maybe if it was Japanese it would be okay," he said."[1]


The moral of the story? No matter how advanced technology gets, it will never be good enough to stop humans from being complete morons.

[1] Stuff NZ