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Get Your Japanese Driver’s License!

Getting your Japanese license can be a time-consuming, complicated, and frustrating process. The average first time pass rate for the driving test, unassisted, in Nagoya is 20%. Our full service clients enjoy a greater than 70% first time pass rate, and 95% pass by the second try.

There is no better resource when trying to convert your foreign license to a Japanese license than www.japandriverslicense.com. Whether you are taking advantage of our full service conversion packages, basic packages, or free online tools and information, Japan Driver’s License’s extensive knowledge of the process will help you get your license quickly, and as stress-free as possible.

The driving test in Japan is less about driving, and more about knowing what skills and techniques to use while driving the course-for example, the “proper” sequence for checking your side mirrors. This information is not readily apparent, and is not what is taught in driving schools outside Japan. No matter where you take your test in Japan, knowing these simple sequences and processes will greatly improve your chances of passing the test.

Our driving test simulator and practice lessons provide:
• An accurate simulation, or practice run, of the current test course at the Hirabari Driver’s License Center in Aichi
• Additional simulations of courses used in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Osaka
• Unlimited access to practice simulations as many times as you need
• Help for Aichi residents to memorize the Hirabari course beforehand, as is required for the test
• Information on what to do during your test and when to do it
• Tips on key areas most likely to cause you problems

As a special present to readers of Japanzine we are offering up to 40% off our basic packages, which include services such as license translation, driving test practice lessons, and access to our exclusive interactive web-based driving test simulation of test courses including the Hirabari Driver’s License Center, where Aichi residents must take their test.

To get your discount on one of our basic service packages, go to www.japandriverslicence.com and write the word Japanzine into the comment box when placing your order and you will receive the following discounts until September 1st.

Basic Service Package 1 was ¥26,520, now ¥20,000
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See the contents of the discounted services, as well as additional services, packages, and free online tools and guides to help you do it yourself visit www.japandriverslicense.com today.


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