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Bands of Japan: 19 Mirrors

Listen to 19 Mirrors’ song COR and other entries to the Bands of Japan here!

19 Mirrors is a band dedicated to bridging the gap between cultures.

Composed of a rogue Star Goddess, a Martian,and 2 Humans, they feel that cultures should be respected yet dissolved into a form that allows us to finally put our resources to good use: namely, the pursuit of interstellar space travel.

Hannah Hypnotic, the foremost authority on space travel, as a Star Goddess, is here to enlighten Humans and bring them together, kicking and screaming.

Embrace your culture, but reject isolation. Come together and let’s go to space!

Thus is the epic journey of Hannah Hypnotic, Radi, Ohya, and Tsubasa.

Combining old school punk with a neo-visual edge, and digital fusion!! ELECTRO ROCK!

19 Mirrors is a force which will break musical barriers and hover like a hover car. Not like we have the technology for that. Psh. For the new music, new youth !!

With members from Japan, Deep Space, Mars, and China, 19 Mirrors is a super-galactic international band!


About  "The Bands Of Japan" Contest

Following on the success of our annual Gaijin Sounds contest we are proud to announce that this year we are producing a special free iPad version of this special issue to showcase the best music Japan has to offer.

Now more than ever the world needs to see a positive face of Japan. Towards that end we are opening up our competition to include "Japanese" bands as well as "Gaijin" bands. No matter what language you make music in or what nationality you are – we encourage all musicians in all genres to enter.

"The Bands of Japan" will be the culmination of our search for the very best bands that are active in the Japan music scene today. Music, videos, profiles and photos of the winning bands will be featured in the iPad edition along with information about the special "Bands of Japan LIVE" event to be held in November 2011.

Contest Rules:

• A total of 10 bands will be chosen.
• Each band must be currently active in the Japan music scene.
• To apply each band must submit up to three tracks along with photos and a brief band profile. Videos of your band are encouraged but not required.
• Related web links and Facebook / Mixi / Myspace / YouTube links should also be included with your material.
• All music must be original (no covers) and Japanzine will be allowed to release all material digitally.
• Japanzine will NOT retain rights to any of the material submitted or released.
• Japanzine will post MP3 files and short band profiles to our website, weekly email magazine as well as to our Facebook page during the competition in order to determine winners.
• Winning entrants will be considered for the "Bands of Japan LIVE" event to be held November 2011.

Deadline for submission is June 15, 2011

How to Submit:

Email your submissions to info@carterwittmedia.com (50 mb limit) or send them via post:

Carter Witt Media / Bands of Japan Competition
Preciosa Mitsuke 105
1-22 Mitsuke-cho, Chikusa-ku
Nagoya, Japan 464-0817

If you or your company would like to receive information about sponsorship opportunities in this unique project please contact: carter@japan-zine.com

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毎年恒例のGaijin Soundsコンテストが大好評につき、


"The Bands of Japan"は我が社が探し求めてきたものの集大成になるでしょう。現在日本のミュージックシーンで活動する最高に素晴らしいバンド達がここに集められます。

勝利を収めたバンドの楽曲、ビデオ、プロフィール及び写真は、2011年11月に開催される特別イベント"Bands of Japan LIVE"についての情報と共にiPad版にて掲載されます。

・ウェブサイトや Facebook 、Mixi、Myspace、YouTubeなどの関連リンクも応募素材に明記して下さい。
・入賞した10組のバンドには2011年11月開催予定のイベント"Bands of Japan LIVE"への参加権が与えられます。



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