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Gaijin Sounds 2010 Champion Sounds: Andrew Scott


Andrew Scott

Track: "I’m Gonna Bust Your Head In" (FREE MP3 HERE!)





J.P.: This Leonard Cohen fan doesn’t really want to bust your head in. He’s more into quirky admissions of love and charming warbling over trombones and hand-clapping. Can’t really say why this isn’t more annoying, but the confidence on display here is winning.

Rangi: This song is a lot of fun; hell, what is more fun than threatening to beat someone up? We get a lot of guy-with-guitar singing submissions and this Andrew Scott manages to avoid the common pitfall of sounding like a whiny white man with this catchy tune.

Jonti: Apart from a recurring passage where the melody ventures dangerously close to Oasis’s "Don’t Look Back In Anger" (Or is it one of their other tracks? It’s so hard to tell…), this one is, as J.P. and Rangi concur, a winner and a lot of fun. The echoes of laughter that fade-in and fade-out at the back-end of the cut round it off nicely, like mustard on a good ham sandwich.

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