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Winning artist profile: Charles Billard


charles billard

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Concordia University, Montreal, Canada – Interdisciplinary Studies in Fine Arts Program, 1994-1998




Painting, collage, installation, video art, sound art, sculpture and 3D photography



artist q&a


What are you presenting here?


A series of 3D pictures titled "LET’S 3-D TRAVEL!", in which a female model appears as multiple characters within single frame images, taken in Bali, Indonesia. One of the pictures in this series was selected for the juried "Tokyo Wonder Seeds" exhibition, at Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya in March 2010.


Why are you doing what you are doing?


For me, art is a tool of communication that works well outside the range of speakable thoughts. As a foreigner living in Japan, expression of thoughts through words seems to be a delicate thing, and often is associated with the frustration of misunderstandings. Visual, sculptural and musical exploration compensate for my relative illiteracy. Art is also a way for me to juxtapose ideas coming from areas which would not be connected otherwise, ideas that may be shaped by the playful application of scientific knowledge or by contact with artists working in other disciplines.


What are your aspirations?


A retrospective of my work at the Mori Museum in 2020.



the experts’ view


Celio H. Barreto: In this series of 3D images, Billard takes us to an exotic tropical and ancient setting. The images are playful and experimental, but only truly come to life when you put the 3D goggles on. Female figures populate each frame, within which she herself is framing her own field of view, as if capturing it with a camera. Each of her iterations occupies a different depth in the final composition, inviting us to take a closer look at whatever she is looking at. These pieces have a strong sense of exploration, discovery and collection. Get some 3D goggles to get the full blast!


Guido Saldaña: Wake up to the red and blue sunrise in the 3D world of Billard. Statuesque forms are layered within the movement of technicolor for a blitz of imagery in static motion.

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