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Art Issue 2010: The Winning Artists

Has it been a year already? My calendar says "yes", and I’m glad it has. Checking out this year’s entries for the Art Issue has given me a real adrenaline rush – I’ve seen some familiar faces, a lot of exciting new works and many new artists.


This issue proves that Japan has a vibrant gaijin artist community, but the regrettably common denominator between the vast majority of these artists is that their works rarely get the publicity they merit. This feature does its little bit to change that.


Which doesn’t mean that we’re opening the floodgates and letting any old wet bar napkin doodle make it in. Rather, we’ve selected only the very best of your submissions. Our selection criteria were consistency, high quality, originality and vibrancy. Who came up with the criteria? We did.


I think that if you want to have your art featured in the Japanzine Art Issue, you’d either better work damn hard for it or bribe us with millions (needn’t be dollars – we accept yen!). Hence it was hard to pick the winning artists this year, as most of you couldn’t scrounge up the cash to influence the vote! Seriously though, you people busted your butts putting together some kick-ass pieces. Our picks range from painting to illustration and photography, covering a number of genres that look great printed in the mag.


Those of you whose works didn’t make it in, don’t you ever give up! Keep refining and honing your skills, producing lots of work and, when the Art Issue comes into view again next year, stick to the submission guidelines and hope that we recognize your magic.


And so it is that we proudly present this year’s chosen few, some of the most creative gaijin talent you’re likely to see in 2010. Before you know it, you could be seeing these rising stars at galleries near you!


Celio H. Barreto


the winning artists (click for profiles):



matteo giachetti


cristian townsend


mathew fasone


nathalie daoust


charles billard

To download a PDF of the full feature as it appears in the magazine, click here