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Boobies Tattoo: Get a Tag in Nag!

Aside from the deep and meaningful name and motto (complete with dodgy 80s soundtrack), Boobies doesn’t conform to any of the grotty, dark Tattoo parlor stereotypes that have existed since your grandparents were young.


Super-clean and in a bright, open space, Boobies tattoo studio has been around for five years and has inked a reputation for multi-lingual staff and a strong emphasis on hygiene – they guarantee you won’t be getting any extra nasties like hepatitis or HIV with your masterpiece.


Japan has long history of tattooing that has evolved from drawing them with bamboo needles (in The Olden Days) to them being a yakuza symbol (the reason you can’t go to an onsen if you have a tattoo) to their place in today’s vibrant culture, where tattoos are popular with people of all ages as an o-mamori, or lucky charm.


Each member of Boobies’ team of artists specializes in their own individual style, and they’re more than happy to help you choose something to your liking, whether it’s an old-school tiger or an elaborate tribal design or a picture of a penguin shooting a rifle. They even have a gigantic book packed with photos of tattoos drawn by artists from all over Japan if you need some further inspiration – and you might, seeing as you can get a tattoo on the same day as making a reservation.


One article really isn’t enough space to showcase the amazing variety of creations the Boobies artists are capable of, so if you’ve ever even slightly considered getting a tattoo, or more tattoos, then Boobies is the place for you.


Boobies is located a short walk from the Kamimaezu subway station on the corner of Akamon-dori and Uramonzen-cho. It’s not on the ground floor, but the big sign outside makes it pretty easy to find. In addition to Japanese, English is OK and there is a Chinese artist, Sai.


Can’t get enough Boobies? You can always check out their sister studio, Black Rebel. While smaller than Boobies, there is a Brazilian artist, Otero, who works at Black Rebel.



I’d get a tattoo but…


"It will hurt!"

Getting a tattoo isn’t that painful if you rest up and get a good night’s sleep before coming in. You shouldn’t drink alcohol the night before getting a tattoo, either.


"I don’t want to sit around for a long time!"

The smallest size of tattoo offered by Boobies will take less than 15 minutes for one of their artists to draw on your limb of choice.


"I will get fired from my job!" / "I won’t be able to go to onsen!"

The Man’s attitude toward tattoos has become more relaxed in recent times – and there are plenty of places you can get a tattoo and not get caught.