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The Gaijin Eye 2010

The Gaijin Eye 2010 Feature in PDF Format

The obvious constraints of being a print publication meant we had to be extremely selective when building this showcase feature. We um’d and ah’d and consumed great volumes of canned coffee to make sure that we were presenting our favorite photos – those which reflect and amplify our own view of this endlessly fascinating country.  

Yet even with 12 pages of carefully positioned prints, we ultimately had to omit hundreds of other worthy submissions from our multi-talented, Japan-loving readers. Still, we hope you enjoy this presentation of what we feel are unique, funny, beautiful and, in the case of Craig Cerutty’s "Otaku-cha", slightly disturbing compositions.   

Please don’t take it too badly if your work was overlooked: for posterity, we’re keeping the complete online repositories of all submitted photos open at the following galleries:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 

Take a long, hard look through The Gaijin Eye and you’ll be amazed!