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Harmonium Parlour – This Sunday Aug 30 At The Plastic Factory!

Featuring the work of Josef Williamson

Free Gaijin Sounds CD giveaway at the door while supplies last!

Nagoya has a plethora of artists, performers, DJs, theater groups, and musicians, both local and gaijin. And these people have created a community for themselves – one in which all feel welcome, and which sees more people coming out of the woodwork all the time. With bars and live houses opening their doors (and not charging outrageous fees), and events like open mics, club events, exhibitions, and The Creator’s Market, people really feel like they have a place within this community, whatever their medium.

But how can we share this community spirit and watch it continue to grow if we stay within our city’s walls? Simple – we can’t! That’s why we’re starting to see more and more inter-city cultural exchanges in Japan, with international artists moving between major hubs such as Tokyo, Osaka and – yes – Nagoya.

Theatre troupe Maiden Nagoya took their show to Tokyo a few months ago, and Nagoya has had the pleasure of hosting some great musicians from Tokyo, including Kevin Gray, whom you’ll remember from the Gaijin Sounds issue. This month, Nagoya welcomes Josef Williamson, an artist from Tokyo who was featured in The Art Issue back in April. He’ll be making his way down to this fair town with his oil on canvas and woodcut prints on Sunday, August 30th, to join the ranks of those who have exhibited at Harmonium Parlour (19:00 till the last train, entry ¥500).

This monthly open mic and art event, which began little over a year ago, has welcomed artists and performers from all across central Japan. The venue is Plastic Factory in Imaike, and owners Heinz and Chiemi have made this the most artist-friendly event in town by opening their doors – and their mic – on the last Sunday of every month.

As one of the bands to make this year’s Gaijin Sounds Top Ten, Semi-On will also take their sound on the road to Osaka for Gaijin Sounds Live (in conjunction with the Kansai Music Conference), which is happening on Friday, September 18th at Sam & Dave’s in Nagahoribashi. Gaijin Sounds Live promises to be an amazing night of entertainment (and naturally we’re holding it to that promise!). The event will feature five bands and five DJs from around the country, knocking yer socks off from 20:00 through to 01:00, for only ¥1,000 – and that includes a drink. Geez, that’s almost affordable enough to entice Nag people and Tokyo-ites to get on down to Osaka!

Josef Williamson: www.josefwilliamson.com
Hamonium Parlour: www.semion.org/harmonium.html