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English Schools

Have you ever thought about this? Do the English schools in Japan really care about the students and their education or do they just care about making money.

As an English teacher in Aichi, i believe most of the schools couldn’t give a stuff about their students or their teachers. They think like business people, with one aim in mind, money!!!

Let’s face it, many of the schools advertise the fact that they encourage cultural learning as well, but the teachers are restricted as to how much of their culture they can share with you, and if they are allowed to it is done the Japanese way….. This is so Bullshit, It doesn’t work.

Most of the Japanese teachers in the english schools i have come across don’t speak fluent English, and as a result often end up teaching the wrong words or pronounciation in class, and if I try to correct the students afterwards they end up more confused.

The big companies i just don’t want to work for, The horror stories i have heard…  No thankyou!!!!!!!

I am lucky enough to be working in a company now that allows me to have flexibitlity in my classroom, so i can have fun with the students and not just teach boring work. I pair teach with a Japanese teacher but not in the same class at the same time. That’s not to say this company is perfect either, it’s not. Just it is better that others i know of.

Perhaps adults may consider private teachers if they want to learn english, as these teachers are not bound by School rules,,,,,, and you can have fun while learning in a more relaxed, friendly environment.   Just a thought