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Just watched Michael Moore’s new film yesterday.  "Sicko" is about the truly fucked-up American health care system.  I am American, and I lived for a few years in NY without health care… my company didn’t offer healthcare benefits, and I was too cheap to spend the 300 bucks a month it would have cost to get private healthcare coverage.  Luckily, nothing happened, but I was definitely relieved the day I landed on Japanese soil and was all of a sudden protected by health insurance.

Not that I have used it in my 2 years here, but it is kind of nice to know that I would be covered.  Whereas I would have been screwed if something bad ever happened to me in the States. 

If you are an American, then you may already know that America’s health care workings are messed up.  But you should still watch this movie.  There are some amazingly surreally disturbing tales…

If you are not American, and your country does offer universal health care to its people, then you might enjoy watching this movie just to see HOW fucked up the American system is.  It’s sad.  It’s really depressing, actually. 

The movie has some definite faults.  At times, Michael Moore acts like a bumbling fool.  It seems occassionally like he is talking down at the viewer – like dumbing certain things down.  But maybe that is on purpose.  Guess he is trying to reach a mass audience, which is definitely a good idea.  Hopefully we can get our act together in the States!